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Trapping Services

Wildlife Task Force is knowledgeable and experienced in trapping of almost every species of animal that can be found in Florida. We trap animals humanely whenever possible and always find the safest and most efficient ways to catch only the target animals that have become nuisance to our customers. Unlike most companies, We don't just set traps on the ground and catch all kinds of animals. We try to target the culprit animal that is in your home or attic and develop a specific trapping regimen to your situation. We also do not charge for our trapping service in a universal manner, we create a custom trapping package to your specific needs and animals. We give you the flexibility in choosing a trapping package that works for your needs and your budget. We can trap at a flat rate for multiple animals, we can trap on a per animal basis or even a per day trapping service. After you have been educated and informed on your specific animal problem by our technicians, they will discuss the best ways possible to solve your problem and assist you in making the most efficient and the most affordable decision on how to rid your home of those unwanted guests.