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Squirrel Trapping and Removal

Squirrels are also one of the most encountered animals in attic spaces and in homes. Squirrels are notorious chewers and hoarders. They like to chew into attic space through fascia boards and other high altitude entry points. Squirrels are mostly seen on roofs, pool cages and in the trees around the home. Since squirrels like to spend most of the day in the trees and on the ground around homes, they tend to find shelter in the same areas that the feed and play. Attic spaces provide the perfect shelter where they can sleep and have their young without fear of predators, as well as, staying near their feeding grounds. Squirrels will hoard food sources in the attic space of any structure, always being prepared to stay reclusive for several days if a storm front moves in or if a bird of prey takes up residence in the neighborhood. Squirrel droppings tend to resemble rat droppings, but usually are a bit more cylindrical in shape and tend to be in groupings in a few locations, opposed to being scattered throughout an attic. Noises from Squirrels in an attic can mostly be heard during the day, which is a key identifier between having rats or squirrels, as rats make most of their noise during the night. Noises from a Squirrel in an attic can range from pitter-patter footsteps across the ceiling, chewing or knawing noises, scratching on the drywall of the ceiling and in walls. Squirrels can be humanely trapped and relocated.