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Scent and Odor Removal

One key element that a lot of other companies fail to address when it comes to removing animals from an attic, crawlspace or any type of area, is the element of scent markings and odors. Having the knowledge and understanding when it comes to the biological behaviors of different animals is a tremendous benefit that Wildlife Task Force customers take advantage of. Animals of all kind, communicate primarily through odors and scent markings. They constantly mark their environments with odors and pheromones that serve a variety of purposes including: indication of sexual or emotional states, marking food sources or marking territories. Scents from animals can be displayed in urine, scat or fecal matter, rubbed on objects from glands on the head, feet, tail and anal regions. Wild animals recognize their homes, other animals, readiness to breed, etc. by the odors they admit. It is crucial to perform a scent and odor removal treatment to any space that animals inhabit and eliminate the attractiveness of the area that any new animal takes residence in. Wildlife Task Force offers a full service to remove these scent markings and odors with a product that will completely remove anything that animals leave behind that could attract the same animals or any new animals to your home or business. By offering a full attractant and contaminant removal service, we have the ability to provide long term solutions to any animal problem at a much more affordable rate. Wildlife Task Force can tackle the simplest jobs with a basic one-time treatment or handle the biggest jobs that require full insulation removal and replacement. Scent and odor removal in conjunction with animal proofing the home and trapping the target animals will give all of our customers a long term, animal free home.