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Rat Trapping and Removal

Rats are the most common animal to enter homes, crawlspaces, attics, barns, businesses and restaurants. Rats are responsible for quite a lot of damage even they are small in size. They are notorious for causing house fires by chewing through wires or into appliances looking for nesting areas. They can cause floods by chewing their way through water lines and sewer lines. Rats carry a variety of different diseases and are considered a very high health risk to humans and pets. Taking care of a rat problem can be very complicated due to the fact that rats can breed at an alarming rate. An adult female rat can have up to 5 litters per year, producing anywhere from 7 to 14 babies in a single litter! Rats are very opportunistic eaters, allowing them to adapt and survive in just about any environment. A rats feces resembles small brown footballs and are normally scattered throughout an attic space. Noises in an attic can range from scratching noises on the drywall ceiling, small pitter - patter footsteps on the ceiling, scratching in the walls chewing or knawing sounds to high frequency chirping from babies or chattering adults. Trapping for rats can be done done humanely and without poison. Poisoning for rats will never solve a rat problem, it will only prolong inevitable. Activity from Rats occurs primarily at night or early morning. Trapping for rats is only effective in conjunction with scent elimination and proper exclusion methods.