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Home Repairs

Wildlife Task Force has an enormous amount of experience when it comes to fixing, repairing and sealing areas of your home that animals have damaged. Most areas of the home that animals find their way into are normally just deficient work of the home builders or areas that have become vulnerable over time. The age of a home, the elevation of the front of a home and remodeling by subcontractors are all things that create access points for all types of animals. Wildlife Task Force has a key advantage in doing home repairs because the owner has over 15 years of Florida construction background. This provides a huge knowledge base when it comes to repairing and sealing a home. Wildlife Task Force will perform a detailed inspection of your home from inside the attic and the exterior of the home. We will identify all areas of the home that animals or rodents are currently utilizing to gain access into your home, as well as, identifying other potential areas that the animals may begin to use once their main points of access are sealed. Wildlife Task Force only uses premium materials when doing exclusion on a home and focuses on animal proofing your structure. We do take esthetics very seriously but when it comes to animal proofing against rodents and other wildlife, sometimes esthetics may have to come second. When it comes to home inspections, Wildlife Task Force is unmatched in paying attention to details and giving an estimate for only the repairs that you really need, not repairs that are unnecessary in regards to the current animal problem you area dealing with.