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Dead Animal Removal

Wildlife Task Force is a full service nuisance wildlife removal company that has a solution to every situation that involves animals and wildlife alike. Sometimes having a wildlife problem can be very smelly of sorts, if an animal decides to die in your home or business. A dead animal experience can happen to anyone at anytime and there isn't a whole lot that can be done to prevent this from happening. There are many pest and wildlife companies that use poisons, especially for rats. The theory that when a rat eats the poison and its supposed to find a water source outside of your home is not always how it works. A lot of times rodents find their water sources inside of attics from condensation on A/C lines or ductwork or spillage into the drain pan. If a rat is poisoned and becomes thirsty, their primary instincts will take over and lead them back to their home, which is your attic and then look for water within the environment. Dead rat removal is the most common call for Wildlife Task Force and we are highly trained in the search and removal of dead animals of all kinds. From a dead rat in a wall or drop ceiling, to a dead opossum under a home, we can handle it all. Don't hesitate to call as we offer, 24 hour emergency service.