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Bat Removal

Bats are probably one of the most unique and exciting animals to remove from a structure. Bats are nocturnal and can be found roosting in attics, soffits, fascia holes, barns, under barrel tile roofs or just about anywhere that stays cool and dark. Bats are usually spotted flying out of homes at dusk and re-entering the home in the early morning. The removal of bats should always be done by a professional, because if they are not removed properly, the roost could split into several roosts and then begin roosting in other areas of the structure. Bats are also protected under the endangered species act and are also protected under the State of Florida. Bats are no longer allowed to be trapped and relocated, as some companies claim to be able to do. Bats can only be excluded with one-way valves and this can only be done at certain times of the year. Under no circumstances can bats be removed or evicted from any structure during the period of April 15th to August 15th, as this time is "Pup" season, which is when bats have their young and raise them until they can fly on their own. If anyone says that they can remove bats during this time, do not believe them! There is a three step process in removing bats, that has to be adhered to if a long term solution and successful removal of the bats is to happen. Trust only the experts at Wildlife Task Force to efficiently and affordably remove bat roosts from your home or business.