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Armadillo Trapping and Removal

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Armadillos can be one the most nuisance animals for home and property owners, because of their strong sense to dig. Armadillos are notorious excavators and will forage though yards in search of insects and grubs, by digging small holes throughout gardens, flowerbeds and in grass. The only Armadillo that is found in Florida is the Nine-Banded Armadillo and is not one of the Armadillos that roll up into a ball. They have their babies, usually only once a year and give birth to identical quadruplets every time! The best method for the removal of Armadillos is to trap and relocate them when possible.

The most common indicator that you may have an Armadillo problem is finding burrows or dens on or around you property. Armadillos will dig several burrows in a community or on a property and will not live in just one. They use all of the burrows in their area as a defense mechanism against predators or other threats. Armadillos will dig their dens in thick bushes, palmetto patches, under A/C pads, under pool decks or even under the foundations of a home. The large voids that a burrow creates under homes or decks can cause the concrete to crack or collapse altogether. Even though an Armadillo seems harmless enough, their burrows can become a huge hazard for homes, pool equipment, Air Conditioners and even horses and livestock. Armadillos and their digging can cause a lot of problems that can be nerve racking to any homeowner. When an Armadillo digs its burrow, whatever is in their path can be destroyed or broken, including irrigation water lines, television cable or low voltage outdoor lighting wires. 

Armadillos at a Glance:

  • They will dig small holes throughout a homeowners yard or property in search for grubs and insects
  • They will root through flowerbeds and mulch
  • They dig burrows with an opening that is round and about the size of a volleyball
  • Their burrows can be found under bushes, at the base of trees, in palmetto patches, under A/C and pool equipment pads, under decks and patios, or even under the foundation of a home
  • They can cause damage to irrigation lines and buried wires
  • They have poor eyesight but a very keen sense of smell
  • They are fast short legged animals that jump straight up, almost 3 to 4 feet

Wildlife Task Force is well equipped and very experienced in dealing with Armadillos and their burrows. We pride ourselves in our proven trapping methods for Armadillos that can be setup to catch several armadillos in an area or targeted to the burrows to catch the culprit animal that has dug the burrow or who is currently living in the den. Wildlife Task Force is the industry leader in Armadillo removal in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Venice and Sarasota.

It is not easy to trap Armadillos and sometimes, extravagant trapping systems are needed to capture these elusive animals. Since there are really no proven baits that can be used to lure Armadillos into a trap, they have to be funneled, or guided into a trap. With this being necessary, Wildlife Task Force has created a proven trapping method that will trap Armadillos, leaving their burrow or even returning to the burrow. Setting up these systems can be as simple as using a couple of traps around a burrow or to the extent of running our traps in between homes or trees to force the animals into our traps. No matter what, Armadillos are very pesky and difficult to capture. If you think that you or your business may be currently experiencing an Armadillo problem, leave it to the experts at Wildlife Task Force and give us a call at (855) FL-VENOM or (855) 358-3666.