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Wildlife Task Force is one of the few companies out there that offers complete animal and rodent removal services. We pride ourselves with having the knowledge and experience to not only trap the animals out of your home, but to also remove all of the scent markings and contaminants that the animals leave behind in attics, crawlspaces or walls and to completely seal the exterior of the home to prevent any further animal intrusion. Wildlife Task Force has over 15 years of Florida construction background, which gives us the ability to seal up any structure, whether its a commercial building or a residential home. This construction experience in conjunction with over 10 years of wildlife removal experience, makes us the one of the most knowledgeable and experienced wildlife removal companies in the industry.
We offer:

Wildlife Task Force is an advocate of humane animal trapping and removal, which is why in every situation possible, we try to utilize the safest, the most efficient and the most humane trapping methods available. We relocate as many animals as possible to several different sites, where the animals can continue a positive and healthy life. When it comes to the seal up or "Exclusion" of a home or building, Wildlife Task Force uses permanent materials, such as, concrete, steel mesh or heavy gauge aluminum flashing in order to keep animals from chewing back into a structure and to prevent further intrusion. We use these extreme materials because we understand that a biologically motivated rodent or animal can literally tear into a home through any repair if it really wants to. Most other companies utilize foam and even the occasional wad of wire mesh to try and prevent animals from getting back into a structure, but these are only temporary repairs or "band-aids", as most companies refer to them as.

In order to truly and honestly remove wildlife or rodents from a structure there are three very important things that need to happen; a successful trapping regimen that eliminates the target or culprit animals that are behaviored to live in said structure, a thorough and fully complete seal up service that not only seals the primary entry points that the animals are using, but also any potential access points that the animals could use after their primary holes are sealed. The third and most important thing that needs to be done once the animals are removed and the structure is sealed, is to completely remove all contaminants and organic waste from where the animals where living and nesting. Anytime an animal enters a structure, it is primarily searching for a place to nest, have its young or to take up permanent residence. In doing so any and every animal leaves behind waste, feces, urine, body oils, scent markings and even pheromones, that act as attractants to the same species of animals and to other types of animals as well. These attractants are the number one reason for a return or reoccurring rodent or animal issue. Without having these scent markings and attractants cleaned up and neutralized, it is no longer a question as to "if" you will have another animal problem", but a matter of "when", you will have another stressful rodent or animal issue.

Wildlife Task Force offers complete solutions to all of your wildlife or animal problems including bird control, so if you are currently in need of an animal removal specialist or are fed up with another company that has been "controlling", your rodent or animal issue, turn to the pros at Wildlife Task Force where our customer service and knowledgeable staff makes every project stress free and completed as fast and affordable as possible.