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Why Us?


We here at Wildlife Task Force understand that with changes to the economy and the ever growing choices of wildlife removal companies, that there needs to be a company that steps forward to not only help animals maintain there way of life, but also to educate people as to how we can co-habitate with wildlife while keeping a high standard to customer service and animal survival.
Wildlife Task Force was created because we felt that there needed to be a company among companies that has very high standards as well as affordable animal removal solutions.  Our biggest benefit to our customers is that we strive to keep our overhead as a company very low, so having those unwanted visitors removed from homes and properties stays at an affordable rate. When you choose Wildlife Task Force, you will know that your not dealing with a big franchise or a large corporation that needs to generate a huge amount of money to stay afloat and will penalize the customer with high prices in order to do so.  We keep everything honest, straight forward and to the point, so we can pass low prices on to our customers.  You'll find that the service you receive is not only superior to that of our competition - it's a lot more affordable!  Our training, knowledge and experience makes us the smartest and only choice for removing nuisance animals from your home or business.  We have years of, honestly speaking, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes to become one of the most efficient, productive and honest wildlife removal companies thats out there. Our primary goal is to eliminate any wildlife problem that you may be having, swiftly and at the lowest cost possible, so you and the animals can get on with your lives!

We are also fully licensed and insured, so that you have peace of mind that when Wildlife Task Force is on your project, everyone is protected and there will be one less thing to worry about. Our coverage limits exceed the requirements of most large corporations and other wildlife removal companies, giving us the full potential to serve not only residential clients, but commercial clients as well.

Make no mistake when choosing an animal removal company by settling with one estimate. The smartest thing to do is to get at least two estimates from different companies and if need be, let Wildlife Task Force be the mediator with any project by providing a full consulting service. The only way to ensure that you are getting the right service at the right price, is to let Wildlife Task Force take a look at your project before signing any contracts, because ultimately without our knowledge and experience, you may have to learn from making mistakes with other companies that could be very costly.


We Proudly Offer Military Discounts To All Who Have Served!

We Also Offer Discounts to Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Paramedics and Senior Citizens.